“Controlled chaos,” my friend succinctly provided his summary of the Big Apple. I nodded in agreement. But, after reflecting a bit in my hotel room later that night, I thought his assessment painted only a single stroke in the otherwise endless strokes of New York City’s portrait. “Controlled chaos” implied an environment that was somehow inorganically managed and inherently chaotic.

It didn’t seem right to me. Chaotic, yes, but not always and not everywhere.

I wracked my brains for days trying to decipher the secret writing on the proverbial wall that would unlock the meaning of this puzzling city.

I gave up.

Then, while sitting on the steps overlooking the beautifully orchestrated chaos that is Times Square, a strange sense of peace washed over me. And as I looked around at everything around me, it became clear: New York City isn’t a selection of words or emotions; it is a compilation of everything, of all emotions, feelings, and thoughts rolled into one.

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Normally, traveling is done with family or friends. Point being, it’s good to share joy and experiences with others. After all, no man is an island, as the saying goes.

However, traveling alone also has its positive effects on you. Granted, you have more factors to be wary about, especially safety, but if you plan ahead and stay vigilant while you’re away, then you’ll be fine. Just do the things a person in his/her right mind would do: avoid going outside late at night, avoid flashing your belongings around, etc.

That said, getting to places you haven’t been to before by yourself makes you a better person. Why? Read on to find out.

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Friends, I have a confession.


is alcoholism my confession?

This realization took a while and it’s very hard for me to admit. Yet here I am today, sitting in front of my computer screen to admit the problem that has been plaguing my life. So here it goes:

Hi, my name is Kayleigh, and I am a travel snob.

My narrative for this discovery begins with beautiful hardship and exhilarating difficulties, but then takes a dark turn into crippling comfort and incessant pampering.

Sound a little strange? Yeah, to me, too.

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