Contributor Resources

THANK YOU for being a project contributor/ambassador. YOU are the reason we have a project. This page will provide all the detailed guidance and materials that you will need to contribute the story AND share our project with your friends, family, and all your social media outlets. Let’s begin!


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  8. Read the WELCOME Package from Kayleigh.


The theme of the project is travel food, but it’s a lot more than just the best food you’ve had while traveling. The story you tell should encompass a food EXPERIENCE. Think of it as a journey, not just a description of the food. For example, a good story could be about how you spent 4 days trekking up the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro on granola bars and canned foods and, upon arrival at camp having victoriously conquered the peak, you had the best lamb soup of your life. Another great story could be about how you got lost among the alleyways in Venice and discovered a small restaurant away from the crowds – where you had the best meal of your life not because the food was mind-blowing but because you engaged in spirited conversations with the locals there.

If you’re unsure that your proposed story would fit into what we’re looking for, just ask. We’re here to help you pinpoint that tasty story you’re dying to share. Contact any member of the Executive Council for more assistance.

Story Requirements:

  1. Written story format: 800 to 1200 words.
  2. OR, video story format: 3-5 minutes video [tell the story with great pictures and music].
  3. Pictures are required (2 to 8). If you don’t have pictures of the story you’re retelling, “equivalent” images are acceptable. For example, if you don’t have pictures of the most amazing soup noodles you’ve ever had in Thailand, an equivalent or close-enough shot of a similar dish would suffice. Please provide the source of the pictures if you don’t own them.
  4. Optional but highly preferred: give direction/guidance on how others might be able to experience what you experienced.
  5. Optional but highly recommended: provide a recipe of your favorite dish from that food experience. If you don’t know the exact dish you had, something equivalent would suffice. Please provide the source for your recipe if applicable.
  6. Optional but would earn you many high fives: do a short and creative cooking video of you recreating what you had [4 minutes max] [must be exclusive to this project so it can’t be something you post on YouTube – it will live in this finished project only].

An example of what a complete submission would look like:

The story:


The Experience This Yourself guide:


The Recipe:

The Cooking Video (not my video):

Profile Requirements: 

Please provide:

  1. 250×250 pixel profile picture
  2. Short 250 characters or less bio
  3. Site name and url (if applicable)
  4. Social media links if you’d like to include them [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIN]

How to Submit a Story:

Story submission details will be provided via newsletter communications.