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Food is integral to travel. Not only is it a necessity but it is also the epicenter of culture. And while food might be the main ingredient in many memorable travel moments, it is often the “meal” that sets these experiences apart.

A meal expands on the flavor and aroma of food with conversation between friends, cultural perspectives shared over Peking duck, fine wine sipped over the fireplace, atmosphere uplifted by cheers and seafood hotpot, family reunited to the heat of habanero tequila and grilled fish… and on and on.

A meal is an experience. It is the journey, the backstory, the I-spilled-wine-all-over-my-clothes laughing so hard with friends sharing stories over a hot plate, and everything surrounding the food, including the food itself. It’s how you got there. It’s how you felt when you left. It’s how a shared food experience changed something inside you, excited you, brought you to life, left you breathless, happy, and fulfilled.


A Tasty Project for Charity

Like Project Alpha and the eventual The Trip that Changed my Life book, which raised $10,800 for charity, this project brings together travelers from all over the world to collaborate on a book that will raise money for Action Against Hunger, a top rated charity that uses 93% of donations on programs that not only feed the hungry but also fight to eliminate the root causes.

According to the World Food Programme, more than 795 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat. That’s 1 in 9 people on Earth!

While this project celebrates food and the power it has in bringing people together, it also provides an opportunity to share that happiness with those who struggle to feed their families.

Read on to see how you can get involved with this project.


Contribute a Story

Do you have a story to share? Then join us and let those creative juices flow freely. Share your “food experience” and become immortalized forever in our final compilation. You do not need to be a blogger or professional writer to contribute a story. All it takes is a willingness to share your story.

To learn more about being a contributor, jump to our Contributor Resources page or sign up now and we will contact you with more details.


Become a Project Beta Ambassador

If you love what this project supports and want to contribute but don’t have a particular story to share, then sign up to be a Project Beta Ambassador. We NEED you to help do something incredibly important: spread the word! As an ambassador, you represent Project Beta, create awareness, generate buzz, and bring people to our project. You will be an INVALUABLE asset for our team and your support will have a direct on the success of this project.

So, are you up for the task? If so, sign up below and we will contact you directly with more information.


Support Our Crowdfunding Efforts

If you’d like to get periodic updates on the project’s progress and support our crowdfunding efforts when the finished product is available, you can register below. You can also join us on Facebook and be social!




Become a Local Community Sponsor/Partner

While the project aims to fundraise for an international organization in Action Against Hunger, we realize that local communities may also benefit from our efforts. If your local organization would like to get involved and participate in our activities, we welcome you!

A sponsor is an individual or business that pledges to donate to a local charity on our behalf. The preferred charity is one that fights hunger in the local community such as a food bank or soup kitchen. Your donation will be tallied together with our international fundraising to aggregate the total impact from this project.

As a sponsor, you will help raise awareness of the continual battle against hunger in your local community and worldwide. The more voices that can be heard, the bigger the impact will be. To show our appreciation, we will feature you in the Sponsor Index of the finished product. This includes your organization’s logo, link to your website, and a short bio.

To be considered a sponsor and champion of the local community, a minimum pledge of $100 is required. Verification of the donation will be requested prior to your business’s inclusion in the Sponsor Index.

A partner is a local charity organization that wants to work in conjunction with us. This could include cross promotions, special concurrent events, and other opportunities. We’d love to get in touch with you to see how we can work together to better the lives of those in our local communities.


Contributor Resources

Congratulations! You’re a project contributor! Your story is what makes this project possible. All resources for contributors can be found by visiting our Contributor Resources page.

Ambassador Resources

THANK YOU for being our ambassador! You are our voice to the world. Your participation ensures that our project gets the awareness it needs to be successful. You can find all resources for ambassadors at our Ambassador Resources page.

Project Logistics

Crowdfunding Details

This project will employ the crowdfunding Generosity platform, a fee-free service so that the vast majority of the fundings we raise will go to charity. There is a 3% payment processing fee that is applied to transfer funds from backers (you amazing souls) to the fundraiser (us grateful souls). That means for every $100 raised, $97 will go to charity.

This platform is powered by the INDIEGOGO engine.

Crowdfunding specifics will become available as the campaign gets closer to kickoff.

The Team

This project is made possible by the wonderful contributions and partnerships with people like YOU. Come join us!

Executive Team

Working behind the scenes, the Executive Team is the engine that makes the project “choot choot.” Contact any of the members listed here for any inquiry related to the project; though, the preferred first option is our Communications Director, Kayleigh Zeeff.

Hung Thai
Visionary cheeseburgers chief and traveling fanatic, Hung aspires to make it possible for the world to see him dougie by going here and there and everywhere.
I'm a NINJA!
Behind Door 1
Jenifer Smith
Legendary outdoors-woman and frost wielder from the Midwest, Jen loves meeting new people and convincing them to feast. Life is delicious.
What's cooler than cool?
Kayleigh Zeeff
Kayleigh's love for food is rivaled only by her love for travel. As the sultan of linguistics, Kayleigh's fluency increases exponentially as fermented grapes are consumed.
Is that a wine?
Hakuna Matata
Hayley Beaudelaire
Social Media
Hayley is a writer, photographer, elderly caretaker and reiki therapist. Her two biggest passions in life are helping people and traveling... and food!
Hut! Hut! Hut!
Courtney Hutchinson
Courtney loves storytelling, cat cuddling, and the occasional geocache. Her life is spent eating food, thinking about food, and inventing recipes to avoid going to the grocery store.
Something funny, meow?


Introducing our incredible list of contributors! Want to join them, read above in the “Contribute a Story” for more details.

Brandon Fralic
Brandon writes about hiking, travel, craft beer, and occasionally food for magazines and the interwebs.
I'd rather...
Part time traveler & full time dessert lover! Not overly tall but you know what they say... Good things come in small packages!
Strawberry Shortcake!
What's that in the sky?
Accidentally a travelgram and blogger who loves ice cream and Donal Duck.
Svet Dimitrov
Travel writer with an incurable love for new discoveries and an insatiable hunger for scrumptious delicacies.
Kung-Fu Master
I am a
Myra Yatco
Candy-toting, cuisine-loving, globetrotting, wine and cocktail enthusiast.
Don't look
Maria Ligaya
Photography.... it saved my life.. and the camera was my weapon.
Eulanda & Omo Osagiede
Eulanda & Omo Osagiede are London-based freelance writers and award-winning social influencers who run the popular travel, food, and lifestyle blog HDYTI (Hey! Dip your toes in).
Dip your toes in
Carlie Dayle
A part-time traveler, Carlie enjoys seeking out great meals, cool cultural excursions, and meaningful travel experiences.
Brittany Kulick
Currently on a mission to find the world's best dessert and greatest adventures.
Ohhhh candy!
Put your hands up!
Kristen Sarra
Kristen is a published travel writer exploring the quirks and traditions of small towns and seeking out authentic cultural practices even in the most touristy of places.
I choose you!
Maria Haase
I adventure through the world, one beer at a time.
Lisanne van Beurden
Traveling the world since 2015.
Audrey Humaciu
Home cook on the hunt for a new culinary adventure.
Christabel Lobo
Christabel runs a digital design studio, creating logos and minimalistic websites for fellow bloggers and small businesses.
Jaime van de Peijl
My greatest goal is to save people from office cubicles and teach them about entrepreneurship and life as a nomad.
Sonya Sandhu
Co-founder of BAMTravels, Sonya just can't seem to shake travel out of her system.
Tina Marie Johansen Øhlschlagel
Norway native who loves to travel, do charity work, and of course feast on delicious food everywhere.
Mulv Jones
Inspired by tumbleweeds, you can normally find him drifting with the wind and meeting friends around the globe.
Bistra Yakimova
A wine-loving traveler with a passion for dance and a willingness to empathize with everyone.
Kerem Taskin
Kerem compacted all his stuff into 35 liters for his epic trip around the world.
of cheese
35 Liters
Shannon Ullman
Traveler, adventurer, part-time nomad, and proud cat lady.
Jen Morrow
Caribbean based, beach obsessed.
through life
Alex and Bell Kallimanis
It’s been a wild ride and after all this time, we still can’t kick our addiction to traveling!
Rosemary Kimani
Let's transform travelers’ experiences through the discovery and knowledge of authentic foods.
Neven Boyanov
Neven spends all his free time on the road, wandering and learning wherever he might go.
Rebecca Camareno
Sharing things here and there.
Michelle Dunner
I’m ‘greedy’ for great food, wine and travel experiences across the globe
Gergana Dzhenkova
Gergana's passion is getting out of her comfort zone and learning about the world and herself.
the world
Rachel Heller
Sharing personal responses to what she sees and experiences as she wanders the paths of life.
Sol Solntze
As a result of travelling, Sol has been caught between the UK and Russia since 1996 and rarely regrets that.
Andy Tinsley
Trying new food, experiencing new culture, and generally being on the road.
1 2 3
And a
Frank Thomae
My face seems to get me in trouble everywhere I go.
Adopted from South Korea, raised in the United States, and now an expat living in Hong Kong.
Out of
Jenn is a world wanderer who punctuates her travels working as a chef onboard yachts and running a digital marketing consulting business.
Dive in
I feel at peace wandering the streets of a new city.
Joanna & Jeremiah
Dubai expats, IT professionals and aspiring photographers. Keeping our memories alive through unpredictable travels and photography.
Sarah-Jane Edwards
A lover of travel, food and the great outdoors, you'll find Sarah writing about her adventures over at Not Another Travel Blog.
more food!
What's better than food?
Marisa Fong
A globetrotter who loves the challenge of living abroad and traveling. A culture enthusiast, ocean lover, sunset seeker and an all time foodie!
Minna Koskela-Wild
Inspired by a local in Nicaragua, Minna opened Blue Mar 4 Change to give back via sustainable products.
Aga Kozmic
I’m a cat person, have a weird obsession with alpacas, drink too much coffee and take too many pictures.
Nicki Escudero
Print and web journalist and content marketer with a passion for travel and fine vegetarian food.
Where am I?
Michelle LeGault
My husband and I are currently missionaries in Prague, Czech Republic where we work for an international Christian school. My true weaknesses in life are coffee and crochet with a sweet or savory snack somewhere close (preferably involving chocolate).


To learn how you can help our project by being an Ambassador, read above in the “Ambassador” section.

Tara Schatz
Embark on new adventures, traverse incredible landscapes, meet amazing people, and discover the world - one back road at a time.

Local Community Sponsors

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Unique Romance Travel
Unique Romance Travel is an award winning travel and destination weddings agency ready to serve YOU. Wherever you Travel... Go with all your Heart.
$100 Contribution to Anacortes Family Center

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