Project Alpha Sponsors

WELCOME, Project Alpha Sponsors!

Short introduction:

We are Project Alpha, a charitable book project. Our team consists of 75+ avid travelers and travel writers all around the world banding together to write a book about the trip that changed our life. The book will be crowd funded with 100% of the proceeds donated to charity (Unbound). Travelers are the target audience for this book campaign. Two versions will be available: e-book with full links and paperback. More details about the project is available at the Project Alpha page.

You’re a travel startup, tourism agency, or an established travel company, looking to engage with travelers around the world to solidify and/or expand your brand – you’ve come to the right place. You may also be a philanthropist looking to support a great cause.


Why is sponsoring Project Alpha going to help you achieve this objective? 

  1. Reach a targeted travel audience directly with your brand
  2. Each book delivered is a potential relationship that you can build
  3. Be regarded as a socially responsible travel company


Benefits per sponsorship level:

$250 (Hidden Gems): become immortalized in the book’s Sponsors section with full link back to your site in the e-book version. Logo and 150 letters by-line are allowed for your brand. The book is targeted towards travelers and will inspire readers to travel – your company is right there to capitalize.

$750 (Popular Attractions): benefit from the $250 level + one (1) piece of advertising to accompany the printed book. This is as cost effective an advertising campaign as you’re going to get. With a wide-reaching social network all over the world from our 75+ travel writers, we are expected to publish over 1000+ books. Readers will be inspired to travel while reading our book and your flashy pamphlet will be there like a beacon of light. 

$1500 (Wonders of the World): benefits from previous levels, shout-out and endorsement on our campaign video, and blog post featuring your company on Up Up and a Bear. 

You may contribute more than the 3 levels shown!


Where your money goes:

%100 of all sponsor contributions will be donated to charity!


How to become a sponsor:

To become a sponsor, send an email to Hung Thai: or for more details. Sponsorship contributions will be collected prior to crowd-funding launch.

On behalf of the Project Alpha team, THANK YOU for visiting and hope to hear from you soon.