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This was truly a global effort as contributions spanned 24 countries:


After book printing and shipping/handling, $3423.16 was donated to charity. Due to high demand for the book, it is now available on Amazon. Only the paperback and E-Book are offered. Those who ordered a coffee table book own one of 125 exclusive copies to have ever been printed.

And as originally intended, all future sales through Amazon will also be donated to charity.

This page will provide details for when additional donations are sent to charity based on $500 minimum requirement.

Donated to charity: $3,423.16

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Hi! My name is Hung. I started traveling seriously 5 years ago. Oh, the things I’ve seen: unimaginable landscapes, savory foods, culture and art I’ve only read about in books and magazines. I’m thankful every day for this!

BUT, my travels have also revealed to me the destitute lives that many children and their families go through all around the world. To this day, I still can’t get the image of the little Peruvian girl devouring a granola bar I gave her, the same one I was about to throw away because I didn’t feel like carrying it around anymore…

That trip changed my life, my thinking, and my attitude. And I wondered how many others felt the same.


So I started this global book project (nicknamed Project Alpha), pulling together travelers and travel writers from all over the world to write about the one trip that changed their life. The intent is to show how powerful travel is AND to give back to the communities that have changed our lives for the better; thus, all funds raised through this project will be donated to charity.

The book is a compilation of more than 50 amazing stories and will be made available in 3 formats: e-book, paperback, and coffee book. We are in the process of finishing up the stories and editing them as they come in. Our amazing team of writers, ambassadors, and editors would love to chat with you if you’d like.

While we are putting this book together, you can ask any of us any questions pertaining to the project OR to just say “hi.” We’d love to hear from you. We are proudly supporting Unbound and Save the Children charities. Their excellent track record, using more than 92.5% and 89%, respectively, of all donations for program work, can be accessed via Charity Watch under Child Sponsorship.

Come travel the world with us and be inspired to go on your own journey of self-discovery. 

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I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read through this. Your support and feedback are paramount to our success. Please contact me for any reason at [] or [].











List of Writers

Hung Thai – Up Up and a Bear

Tara Schatz – Back Road Ramblers

Svetoslav Dimitrov – Svet Dimitrov

Stephanie and Sabine – The Sisters’ Travels

Rachel Heller – Rachel’s Ruminations

Xavier Nieves – misadventures extraordinaire

Chris Uyeda – They C Me Roaming

Cat – For Two Plz

Priya – Outside Suburbia

Neven Boyanov – Journey to the Unknown

Noemi – Pinay Flying High

Kerem – 35 Liters

Joy Mandhotra – Wanderingcerebrations

Kristen Sarra – I’m Not A Tourist, I Swear!

Casey – Words of a Wanderer

Omo & Eulanda Osagiede – Hey! Dip Your Toes In

Brady – Carpe Empathy

Maria – Maria Abroad

Cynthia – Every Footstep an Adventure

Minna – Blue Mar 4 Change

Gergana – Earth’s Traveler

Astrid Vinje – The Wandering Daughter

Brandon Fralic – Brandon Fralic

Nam Cheah – Laugh Travel Eat

Samer Kawar – Wanderluster

Myra – Eat Drink and be Myra

Denise – Travelous Mind

Sam & Milena – Sam&Milena Travel&Food

Ting Dalton – My Travel Monkey

Tisha – travelswitht

Kayleigh – World Traveler

Jules Van Dyck – Dutch Traveler

Ivonne Cuellar – Viajando Sin Reloj (Guatemalan Living in Madrid), ivonna91

Tana Roslan – Uncharted Traveler

Medi – Medi Luv Travel

Hayley – Hayley International

Lina Jiang – Kitty Vogue

Claire – Lily Travella

James Horner – Dig and Flow

Maggie Abernathy – Dakota Gypsy

Sonya Sandhu – BAM Travels

Stephen Padgett – swpadgett

Ana – Chasing Wildgusts

Anshula – Passport to Eden

Alex – Alex Ink Sit

Manny – 6 Months Old Baby Traveler

Aimee – 24 and Travelling

Cathy – Roar Loud

Alex and Bell – Wanderlust Marriage

Jaime Peijl – Jaime Peijl

Andrew Tinsley – Travel is Life

Theresa – Tigernuts Travels

Jenifer – Jenifer Smith: Sojourner

Ella – Wide-Eyed Wanderer

Christabel – Two Nomads One World

Shaine – Two Nomads One World

Tina – Legio Consult Ltd.

Sol Solntze – Kidding Herself

Shannon – Lives Abroad

Laura – Grassroots Nomad

Kimmie Conner – Adventures n Sunsets

Wendy – Pint Size Gourmets

Lisanne – Chapter Travel

Elizabeth – Compass and Fork

Erin – oregon girl around the world

Aleks – AYO Technologist

Svilena Mateeva – Entrepreneur

Mule Jones – Mulv Jones Writes

Rachel Leonard – R8ch_l

Lisa Ritter – Travel Ist Me

Vyjay Rao – IM Voyager

Brittany Kulick – The Sweet Wanderlust

Joanna – The World in my Pocket

Lavina – A Capricious Compass

Susan – Gen X Traveler

Xiaofang – Suskita



List of Ambassadors

Lina Jiang (Hung’s fiancé) – Kitty Vogue

Svetoslav Dimitrov – Svet Dimitrov

Dominic Down – Flashpacking Duo

Maria – Maria Abroad

Cynthia – Every Footstep an Adventure

Maria Ligaya Bumanglag – mycamera_and_backpack

Steffen Rusten – steffensteffenrusten

Maggie Abernathy – Dakota Gypsy

Alex and Bell – Wanderlust Marriage

Sol Solntze – Kidding Herself

Gabriela – Romania


List of Editors

Hung Thai – Up Up and a Bear

Tara Schatz – Back Road Ramblers

Svetoslav Dimitrov – Svet Dimitrov

Kristen Sarra – I’m Not A Tourist, I Swear!

Kerri McConnel – Beer and Croissants

Anshula – Passport to Eden

Alex – Alex Ink Sit

Jenifer – Jenifer Smith: Sojourner

Sol Solntze – Kidding Herself

Erin – oregon girl around the world



Part of our mission is to promote small companies that demonstrate a desire to give back to the communities all around the world. All sponsor donations will go straight to the charity as well.




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