Here are a few words to introduce the topic: “a few words.” Okay, now that we’ve taken care of the introduction…

I could buy a new house with the grand entrance, a fancy pool, and a flashy marbled kitchen… but I’d rather spend that money on the road than to spend the dough to fix the marbled floors as it is highly likely I’d chip it with my head.

I could upgrade my furniture from hand-me-downs I bought from my roommate… but my cat would destroy it anyway and I need to save that money for tickets to a place I’ve never been.

I could settle down, pop out a few kids via my wife, and stop messing around… but kids are expensive, I’m super immature, and I love jumping into natural pools (too much) in national parks I haven’t visited yet.

I could buy a new luxury car so my wife and I don’t have to share the one Subaru we currently own… but fancy cars are too nice. I’d probably end up driving too fast without realizing it because it’s so quiet and wind up in jail. I’d rather spend that money on Uber rides to attractions we’ve never seen.

I could refresh my wardrobe with the high-end stuff to match my shiny watch and eye-blinding belt… but mustard stains would accentuate the new shirt in no time and I’d rather use that money to visit silk factories in China to learn if I could eat silkworms for breakfast.

bridge over the train tracks to get to the beach

bridge over the train tracks to get to the beach

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If you asked people the one thing they wish they did more often, most of them would probably say it’s traveling. We think of it as relaxation and adventure, but still, traveling is best when it’s just a little bit thought through. Here are some useful tips and tricks to keep safe, make smart choices and save money while you’re globetrotting.

Rest for the Weary Traveler

Did you know that there are plenty of options that allow you to stay somewhere for free? If you don’t mind meeting new people, you could try couchsurfing. For those who prefer not having a host, there are several house sitting sites to choose from. If you feel more comfortable paying for your stay, Airbnb is often a cheaper option than a hotel. And even if it doesn’t save you any money, you can usually get a whole apartment or house for the price of a hotel room. Finally, if your heart is set on a hotel, there are still a few things to bear in mind. Hotel rooms will generally be cheaper on Sundays. Also, certain types of hotels have special deals when it’s their off-season. Business hotels tend to be cheaper in July and August, when it’s vacation season. Beach properties will have lower prices in the winter months, or at the very beginning or end of the summer season.


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On the other side of Stevens Pass Summit, the roads narrowed into a one lane WTF-drive-faster-you-slow-sh!t highway of sadness and pain, BUT on this particular day, it was okay to crawl: yellow, red, and orange hues caressed our eyes and sang us a lullaby, “Rock-a-bye Hungy on the treetop, when the wind blows, eat a cheeseburger.” Mmm… cheeseburgers.

The morning fog has yet to dissipate completely into the ether, lingering on mountainsides so grand. Parked cars littered the highway with turnouts available seemingly every half a mile. Silly photographers with their tripods formed an ad-hoc brotherhood with a mission to frame and capture the perfect fall foliage shot.

We joined them now and then, fully embracing the insanity that is landscape photography. At one stop, I sprinted across the highway, traversed the dewy high grass, and bounced around like a stag in search of colors. Why am I doing this? Have I lost my mind? A few snaps later and the answer was clear: I’ve lost my mind.

fall foliage on highway 2 to leavenworth

fall foliage on highway 2 to leavenworth

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