Believe it not, I love spending all my savings and stressing out continuously for months to throw a party for a bunch of people – I told my cat. He smiled at me. He knew I was lying. Maybe that’s why he decided to bite my toe. Or maybe he’s just high on ‘nip. Anyway, we’re expected to do it. We spend so much time, effort, money, and sanity to host the dream wedding, not just for ourselves but also for our friends and family. I’ve been to many weddings and I truly appreciate the work that goes into planning such a stupendous event. And such an important day deserves perfection, but we’re not fans of the quest to create this perfect day, and so we’ve decided to forgo the traditional wedding and do a destination wedding instead. But maintaining our sanity is only one variable in this differential equation. Let’s look at all the reasons.

We wanted our wedding to reflect who we are

We are travelers and we wanted our wedding to reflect that. Originally we wanted (I wanted) to tie the knots in Antarctica. Is there any place more epic than that for a wedding? Surrounded by white fields of ice and snow, we would say our vows while the camera pans out and you see us in the middle of nowhere, completely isolated from the world. Then a white dragon would swoop down and carry us to our castle in the sky where we would wine and dine with the ancients. So this amazing idea was shot down, but we knew we wanted to travel for our wedding.

We wanted our wedding to be stress free

Or as close to it as we could be. We decided to outsource most of the planning and stressing to people who plan and stress professionally. Enter Carla from Unique Romance Travel. She’s our destination coordinator. She works in concert with resorts and wedding specialists all over world to help us make decisions. And that’s really all we have to do: decide which resort to stay at, what the wedding theme will be, where the wedding will take place (the beach gazebo or on the pier), so on and so forth. All guests will coordinate directly with Carla to book rooms and get help with airfare. I hope she’s stressing out because we’re not, and you know that SOMEONE has to be stressing out otherwise it’s not a real wedding. Our wedding and honeymoon will be one of those “show up and enjoy” type of thing. Sounds good to me! I’ll be writing more about this as we continue our journey to the altar.

image courtesy of El Dorado Seaside Suites

image courtesy of El Dorado Seaside Suites

We wanted to minimize cost and maximize fun

You heard that right. It’s a LOT cheaper to have a destination wedding than it is to throw a typical wedding nowadays (renting a venue, catering, bar services, and etc.). A destination wedding could get expensive as well but it really all depends on the extras you want. Most resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico will give you a basic wedding package for free when you stay in a higher room class for stays that are as short as 3 nights. On top of that, when your wedding party books a certain amount of rooms, your room gets better and cheaper. I’ll be providing a throughout financial spreadsheet so you can see the cost of this venture. The money we save on the actual wedding will go towards excursions and adventures while we’re there.

We wanted to spend less time on the details and more time on the experience

Once again, we’re outsourcing the details to the pros. We tell them the general wants and they make it happen. This works if you’re okay letting go. If you MUST have everything perfect the way you want, this isn’t for you. We remain faithful that the event they’ll provide for us will be amazing.

We wanted this wedding to be a gateway for our friends’ vacation

To me, destination weddings spread the burden to everyone coming to the wedding and alleviate the burden placed on us. To even things out, friends coming to our wedding will be going on vacation as well. So hopefully it’s a win-win for all parties involved. And with our friends with us for this joyous occasion, we’ll be able to share in the merriment for the duration of the trip, not just the day of. I can imagine it already… rolling out of bed and into the pool with our friends, floating around, hanging out together, and celebrating together.

image courtesy of El Dorado Seaside Suites

image courtesy of El Dorado Seaside Suites

We wanted to focus on our happiness

We didn’t want the wedding planning to come between us. It’s an exciting and anxious time – for anyone getting married; so we didn’t want to add stress to the emotional rollercoaster that we’ll be experiencing in this journey.

I’ll be writing more extensively about this whole process including financial details so you can decide for yourself if this is something you might be interested in. You may also contact Carla from Unique Romance Travel directly to ask her questions. The Wedding page will contain all posts related to this series so bookmark it if you’re interested.

Have you done a destination wedding or are you thinking about it? If so, what are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear from you.

Wherever the road might lead you, travel on my friends!

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