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My name is Hung and I'm the Founder of Up Up and a Bear. By day, I’m an engineer at one of the biggest manufacturing corporations in the world; I try not to let it ruin my life (oooooohhhh). Instead, my job allows me to travel often (good pay and such); so that’s exactly what I do. I travel not to escape work, but to find meaning in my work – to see the world, its people and see that what I’m doing makes a difference. I love meeting new people and love listening to their stories. When I’m in a strange land, I don’t mind sitting at a coffee shop talking to a local all day. You’ll see that I interview a lot of people on Up Up and a Bear because I’m stupid curious. I WANT TO LEARN and UNDERSTAND! Everybody has a story, and I want to hear it. So let’s connect. Let’s share a story or two. Let’s share a drink together and toast to the moon.

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Jim is a permanent contributor for Up Up and a Bear. He owns Dig and Flow, a truly informative site offering tips on the great outdoors where he is often trekking. He’s often found in water. To spot Jim in the wild, one must be patient. It could take days and sometimes even weeks before the elusive Jim makes his appearance but it’d be worth it because he’ll teach you everything you need to know about paddling.

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Jenifer is a lover of adventure, food, and Jesus. Not necessarily in that order, but you can usually find her doing something related to one of those things. When she isn’t studying (Wait, study? Is that a thing?) at the University of Minnesota, you can find her going on adventures and meeting new people. (And getting lost. A terrible sense of direction is great for exploring because one never actually knows exactly what is going on.) What fun is discovering a new place if you don’t get hopelessly lost, meet some people, make some friends, and then eat? Jenifer also manages her own site at Jenifer Smith – Sojourner – come check it out and follow her there too!


Roxana is a travel enthusiast and lifestyle consultant from Sydney. She loves to write about her adventures. She is all about living the healthy lifestyle. She loves to run with her husband and dogs and has fun cooking exotic meals for her family. Being a typical Aussie, she's often at the beach catching waves and sunshine! She also loves Europe and claims it as her second home. Roxana has been a freelance alternative Sydney tour guide for four years. Happy travels!

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Kayleigh Zeeff

Kayleigh is a student of linguistics and Spanish at Purdue University, but she has a hunger for more than just small-town Indiana life. Her favorite things to do are exercise, eat savory food, exercise more to compensate for the food, search for perfect spots to watch the sunset, attend concerts, go to church, and travel to find more yummy food. While traveling, she is especially drawn to mountains and small cobblestone streets, and her favorite place to which she has ever traveled is Assisi, Italy. Despite living in Madrid, Spain, Kayleigh will always have a love for driving on Indiana/Michigan country roads and spending time with her family. The next languages she plans to learn are Russian and French, and she aspires to one day work in interpreting for the United Nations.

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Chris Uyeda

Chris is an engineer by trade and an avid travel photographer at any other time. He currently resides in the greater Seattle area but has dreams to visit and live all over the world. His camera of choice is the Nikon but he’s willing to shoot with almost anything if the moment calls for it. Click click. He manages his own photography-focused blog at theycmeroaming.com but you can find him often on Instagram and YouTube posting great images and videos. Follow him for more!


Would you like to join Up Up and a Bear? We are always looking for fun contributors who have a unique perspective on all things travel. Benefits of joining Up Up and a Bear are numerous:

  1. You own part of Up Up and a Bear without all the hassles: domain registration, site management, pesky spams, and etc – Hung takes care of all of that with his robot army… OF BATMANS!
  2. All affiliate links within your posts belong to you.
  3. There’s already an established audience.
  4. All paid PR campaigns that you score belongs to you.
  5. You can still have a separate website that Up Up and a Bear will link too.
  6. You automatically get support from other contributors on Up Up and a Bear.
  7. Lots of high fives.
  8. Virtual candy.

If that jives with you, send Hung an email (ht@upupandabear.com) giving him your soul and we can discuss what you’d like to do.