It’s one of those “once in a lifetime experiences” – working abroad. It’s exciting, fun, and outright scary. But at the end of it all, you would have had the time of your life. On top of that, the experience would affect you in ways you haven’t thought of. Read on to learn more.

You improve your language skills

I know what most of you must think about working abroad! Wow, living abroad must be amazing. What will be my impressions? Will I be able to return to routine? Will I return a different person? Will my friends still be my friends? And so on.

One of the first things you will learn is a foreign language. Isn’t that amazing?! When you live at home, trying to make yourself attend and learn a new language can be slow.  And when there is a lack of progress, you might eventually give up. But when you travel and work abroad, learning  a new language isn’t an option anymore – you must learn it to survive. Being immersed in a different language forces you to adapt and learn at an exponential rate. You don’t have to become fluent. You will probably speak with an accent, but it will make it easier for locals to spot you and come and talk to you, learn about you, know who you are, and perhaps even become your friends.

You Are A Different Person When You Return Home

Working abroad provides experiences that will enrich your life. It will affect the development of your personality in so many ways. For one thing, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself. Because, let’s face it – you will probably be alone, in a new country, with a different language, with different traffic rules, and different customs, and all these new experiences force you to adapt and grow. However, it can be rather difficult, especially in the beginning when you haven’t made any new friends. 

But those same things will make you think about life differently, and you will inevitably develop a sense of responsibility. You will know what it means to get on a wrong bus, not understand when to get down at which station, or pay way too much for a taxi ride. There are many unpleasant situations that you might experience, but they are all part of the grand experience that will live with you forever. 

You Become More Social-Confident

In all likelihood, your new friends and colleagues will invite you to join them at family gatherings like weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations, providing you with opportunities to experience a foreign culture to a degree your friends back home could only dream of. You will learn how some people will look at you as if you’re an alien, and others won’t. Others understand and wish to hear your story, so you’ll talk about yourself and both your personal and professional background. Your audience will listen carefully. All this will help you in boosting your self-confidence to levels you’ve never dreamed of before! Even when you return home, you will know how to grasp people’s attention, how to lower your voice at certain parts of the story.

You have Dramatically Improved Your CV (resume)

In this 21st century economy, employers in nearly every sector seek people with experience, but especially with experience in working abroad. So, it is clear to you that it will do wonders to your CV. If you can add what you’ve acquired abroad such as new language skills, you’ll look much more attractive to potential employers, especially those with an international reach. 

In addition, taking on a job in a foreign country will prove your initiative, your willingness to move out of your comfort zone, and your ability to take on new challenges and adapt to a new environment.

This could serve you well no matter what professional endeavors you pursue in the future. Besides, your experience abroad will give you something interesting to talk about and provides a great conversation starter in job interviews.

You Become More Grateful

Let’s face it, working abroad is an emotional rollercoaster. After having experienced so many different things, new experiences, wild adventures and new friendships – you will change. As you experience so many vivid events, you will grow – both emotionally and professionally. But all the times when you missed your best friend and couldn’t meet for a lunch, or when you felt lonely and wanted to talk to your sister or just hug your dog will leave a trace on your heart. They will make you reevaluate relationships you’ve had so far and give you caution when entering new ones. But one of the most important things – you will become grateful for everything you’ve had and still have, even after returning from abroad. And that is an irreplaceable life lesson.


And forward to the grand adventure...