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Exploring Australia is fun – even more so when you do it the DIY way instead of letting a travel agency plan the trip itinerary for you. If you’re planning to take to the road alone and perch your flags along the route from Sydney to Canberra soon, here are a few useful tips you might want to check out as to make your adventure in the Land Down Under is a bit less stressful and a lot more interesting.

How to get there

If you prefer to travel by rail, you can hop on a train departing from Sydney’s Central Station to Canberra Railway Station in Kingston via the Southern Highlands, Goulburn, and Bungendore. If you opt for the train, expect to spend about 4.5 hours in transit, and book the ride in advance through the NSW Trainlink website.

In case you’re not a huge fan of trains, you can board a Sydney to Canberra bus or coach and cut time spent on the road. Before you cart your bags to the station, you should check ticket prices and departure agenda at different operators and pick the transport company and time slot that suit your trip agenda and budget best.

A must-do list

Canberra is home to one of the main cultural centers in the Land Down Under, and history, food, and wildlife enthusiasts will relish the wide range of leisure programs it has to offer. If you’re a first-time Canberra visitor, you shouldn’t miss the chance to check out artifacts and exhibits on display at the National Museum of Australia that span 50,000 years of the country’s history. For a brief lesson on Australian government, join a free 40-minute guided tour of the Parliament House and find out how the country is governed, and don’t forget to pay homage to the country’s heroes at the Australian War Memorial.

If you’re a wildlife fan at heart, you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit Jamala Wildlife Lodge and see monkeys, hyenas, giraffes, ring tail lemurs, and bears up close and perhaps even pet a shark on the head if you’re brave enough for it. Another cool natural site to check out during your visit to Canberra is Lake Burley Griffin, a man-made pond in the heart of the city where you can go yachting, biking, kayaking, and windsurfing or simply laze around the bank soaking in the sun.

Where to eat

Excursions can deplete a tourist’s batteries, so it won’t go amiss for you to be armed with expert tips on cool spots in and around Canberra to grab a delicious nom when belly rumbles strike. A short drive from Canberra downtown, Poachers Pantry is known for its top-of-the-crop smoked meats and wine, as well as professionally prepared and served seasonal fruit, vegetables, and desserts. Fine wine connoisseurs should also check in at Smokehouse Café for a wine sampling, while lovers of local cuisine can try meals prepared from local ingredients.

If you want a smart yet practical memento to remember your visit to Canberra by, head over to Lerida Estate and buy a bottle or two of their mouth-watering wine that will add a local flavor to your at-home meals. You can also check in at the Canberra Wine House and try their delightful offer of local cheeses, chocolates, fruits, meats, and olives.

The trip from Sydney to Canberra is a great chance for you to awaken your inner adventurer and find out more about Australia and its ways. Whether you decide to travel by train or bus, don’t miss the opportunity to take in all the cultural, historical, culinary, and wildlife wonders which Canberra has in store for you –and most of all, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Bon voyage!


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