Traveling is by far one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences you can have in your lifetime. Though many people are afraid to make that first step out of the door, even more are reluctant to go back to their non-traveling lives. Working while traveling is a unique lifestyle and while it might take time to learn how to do it right, once you do, the whole process will become incredibly rewarding.

However, being productive while traveling is far from easy due to so many distractions and new experiences enticing you along the way, but it can be done.  If you have the soul of a procrastinator, like so many of us do, these tips will definitely make all the difference. If you are already a hard worker, well then the suggestions will inspire you to enrich your working habits.

Travel Companions

Traveling the world alone is an irreplaceable experience and it will give you some amazing memories and adventures, but you don’t have to be alone all the time. It helps to have a traveling companion by your side who can support you and prevent you from getting too lost in the moment. If you’re earning your way around the world, you need to stay focused. A travel companion with the same mindset and situation will keep you on track. The strategy here is simple but can be very effective if you stick to the plan – when you’re traveling with someone who needs to get work done just as much as you, it will be much easier to motivate each other. Think about going to the gym. When you have a workout partner who can constantly push you, you’re more likely to keep going. You will serve as a support unit for each other and give each other a much needed nudge to do what needs to be done. They key is to find a companion with similar interests and with a similar in place can greatly benefit your productivity. Finding that partner can be difficult, however, but not impossible.

Stay Busy in Transit

Your mode of transportation can easily make or break your productivity mostly because we tend to assume that we’ve got more time on our hands than we usually do. The most important thing here is to be mindful of available resources during transit. For example, if you’re flying, there’s a good chance that you won’t have Wi-Fi or the cost to get online might be prohibitive. If so, you should organize your workload so that you can do other things on the plane. Do some brainstorming, write down ideas, catch up on reading important documents or research for your next project. Idle time should be spent doing work. What are you going to do on a long flight or train ride anyway? Why not bust open your notebook and jot down a few notes here and there? You’ll be glad you did.

Take Full Advantage of Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces have become a huge hit in the last several years and they are truly a blessing for the global trotters that need to get things done. In many big cities, you can go to these spaces where many likeminded people work and get your productivity on. These are also great places to collaborate and get to know your fellow travelers. Remember the point above about finding a travel companion? Why not find your partner here? What’s wonderful about these places is that you get a relaxed office vibe that doesn’t put pressure on you, but still motivates you to work and be efficient. All the people around you are trying to do the same, so your environment isn’t distracting in any way either. There is one caution to be aware of: security from public networks (it’s a general concern in all places not just co-working spaces). Using security tools like PureVPN and proxies to encrypt all your data and protect your confidential information from hackers lurking in public connections is a must.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stay a While

Everyone travels differently depending on their personality. While some people like to hop from one place to another, others prefer to stay in one place for a longer while. The truth is that letting yourself stay in a new city for a longer duration leaves a lot of room to truly experience a new culture, meet new people, learn a lot about yourself, and be more productive. Having a “basecamp” gives you time to unwind and focus on your work because you’re not having to pack/unpack and be on the road all the time. Pressing pause on your hectic travel plan will do miracles to your productivity. So unpack, relax, and stay a while.

Maybe you think that you lack discipline to work while you travel, but everything can be done if you’re really keen on making it happen. Being productive while traveling is possible. It takes finding a rhythm that suits you. Once you get in a groove, staying productive will be a breeze.

Travel on, my friends!


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