Sydney is known as a city of beaches. Actually, if you visited one beach in Sydney every day, you wouldn’t be able to visit them all in a year. Among northern beaches, Long Reef Beach is undoubtedly one of the most popular ones. Home to a wild array of wildlife and aquatic reserves, Long Reef Beach is a favorite stretch of pearly white sand for both tourists and locals. Coastal walks up to the Long Reef Headland offer some amazing views; once you take a stroll on this idyllic coast, you’d soon realize why this beach is so popular. There are many fun activities you can do on Long Reef Beach; but, typically, the top three usually round out to include surfing, golfing and getting married.


The great water of Long Reef Beach allows for some very intense water fun! Wind and kite surfing, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding and scuba diving are just a handful of engaging sports that await the eager water lovers. But, most importantly, Long Reef Beach is known for its passionate surfers. During weekends, the crowd may get too overwhelming, but if you manage to visit Long Reef Beach on a weekday, you have every chance of catching a good wave without all the fuzz of sharing it. Who wants to share an epic wave anyway? With its many resident surf instructors and readily available and ever helpful surfing forecasts, you don’t have to be a professional surfer in order to catch some wicked waves. Even a complete amateur can find joy in hopping on a surfing board.


long reef golf club

Among the most popular and welcoming golf courses in Sydney, Long Reef Golf Course is only 20 minutes away from Sydney’s business center. The idyllic views from the course go as far as to Manly and the Central Coast, not to mention the aesthetically-pleasing design of the course itself. Moreover, the Clubhouse is a true place of relaxation where you can spend your time lounging with a good cup of coffee in the cafes or grab a true Australian meal at the many restaurants there.

Those who need some extra action can also check out the array of gaming places and bars. The best thing about Golf Club’s Café is that it’s open to both members and guests, so that you can take your time deciding whether you want to try your luck in this sport pressure-free, all the while indulging in some of the most delicious meals along the line of northern beaches. Of course, you can pick and choose between indoor and outdoor dining areas, depending on the weather conditions and your personal preferences.

Getting Married

long reef wedding

On a more romantic note, Long Reef Beach indulges even the most romantic souls. Incredibly beautiful picnic spots are perfect for couples to rekindle their love. For those who want to start their lives together, perfect wedding venues are located all along the Long Reef Beach, with sand just steps away for a true beach wedding with mesmerizing sceneries to wow all guests. Though these venues are also available for other occasions, serving as wedding locales has definitely become the preferred use for young couples in recent years.

Thanks to the lovely, almost magical view from the Long Reef Headland, it’s no wonder that this location has been specifically marked as the first step towards joint life for many couples. Long Reef Beach is also known as a hotspot for most romantic engagement proposals.

As mentioned before, Long Reef Beach is always crowded with both tourists and locals. It offers a perfect opportunity to meet and get to know the friendly Australian culture. If you’re looking to get your surf on or crush some golf balls or cuddle up with your significant other, Long Reef Beach might be the perfect choice. 

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