Seattle’s midwinter clouds returned. Soon, the sky darkened. Warm jasmine tea kept me company as did the cold winter air. Across the street, an old, abandoned house welcomed three crows. Perched on the old chimney, they cried out one at a time and subsequently flew away… becoming one with the gray skies.

Something was amiss. 

It had been 3 years since the Kraken Wars. I was beginning to grow listless, lifeless, and bored. For a soldier of the night like me, I pined to relive the nightmare, the loss, the pain, and the bloody tears from my enemy’s eyes. Jerome, I will find you and I will kill you. 

And now as the tea kissed me for the last time, a familiar sight returned. Three crows. It could only mean one thing: the Kraken stirs. 

Soon after, I found myself once again along an intimate alley with its many dreary doors that lead to nowhere. How many perished down those endless traps? I don’t remember. Perhaps I lost count. But the feeble cries of death still ring in my ears and haunt me every night. I welcome them. They make me tremble with joy. 

At the end of the alley, lights dimmed and five other shadows joined me. A quick glance and a light nod. Ninja pleasantries. We treaded quickly and quietly under the cloak of night. The last time I was in these clothes, I lost myself to rage. Or was it pure bliss? Kraken blood. I could taste it. I long for it on my tongue. For the aroma of anguish to bombard my senses once more. 

We stopped in front of an unassuming building. Ahh yes, the usual haunt. With our bodies pressed against the wall, our hands found their marks and the door creaked open. 

“Follow me.” 

We disappeared into the dark warehouse, following the mistress of the night, Alicia-sama. In all those years, I’ve never once caught a glimpse of this mysterious death weaver, but she remains an efficient, courteous, and highly skilled usher, leading us to our missions without fault. 

Alicia-sama led us to a small room where Eriksan, the master tactician, greeted us with a friendly smile and a warm reception. Many of those in the clan didn’t think Eriksan’s demeanor was a fit for the job, but behind that glowing exterior lurked a dark hollow soul with no remorse or care for Kraken lives. 

Moments after the quick briefing on Black Lace, a mysterious and killer virus being developed by the Kraken overlords, Eriksan vanished into thin air. “I will come to your aid in your darkest hour” were his last words. I didn’t really pay attention. All I heard was “Jerome.” 

We entered the forbidden room. The door violently locked behind us. It was a trap! A devilish voice sounded through the speaker, “You think you can crack the Black Lace puzzle? You will try and you will die in vain. Enjoy the last 60 minutes of your pathetic lives!” 

The crackly voice gave way to silence.

A timer’s beep, beginning the countdown to our ultimate demise, woke us from our stupor. This was it. Find the way out or die trying. Christoph and Ang began dissecting the room, looking for clues high and low. Channeling their logical brains, X and Ruf started cracking codes to open safes which opened more safes. Ina and I kept them safe by fending off poisonous darts and other Kraken weaponries. It wasn’t a normal mission. This time, we were the ones being hunted. 

Half an hour passed by and we were no closer to the truth behind Black Lace than when we started. Then, a phone in a safe gave us the clue we needed. 

We raced against the clock. 15 minutes to go. Alarm blared in the distance. Bombs being armed perhaps. X darted across the room. “Here! Here!” he yelled. He broke a code! But what about the other 8? 10 minutes. Stupid lock! My ninjato had no effect. Flashing red lights blinded me. Sweat poured down my face. 5 minutes. The last 2 locks. Smoke filled the room. Weakened, Christoph fell to the ground. He couldn’t get up. “3 minutes!” I blasted. Poison darts found their marks onto my back. Woozy, I stumbled across the room. This was it. It was the end. I was going to die here. 

Then a miraculous reprieve. A note under the door. Eriksan’s handwriting. The last clue we needed. Ina lunged at the door. Darts stung her arms and legs, but somehow she managed to reach up with her right hand. With all our lives hanging in the balance, she entered the last 4 digits. 

We escaped in the nick of time. The room sealed and exploded as we watched, terrified and relieved. The Kraken had our numbers that night, but I vowed to come back and kill them all. 

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This was our first experience with an escape room and the excitement was addicting. The staff was wonderful and armed us with everything we needed to break free from Kraken’s evil grasp. 

Even though we knew the game was completely safe, we couldn’t help but get caught up in the dark world of death and mayhem. The heightened fear of impending doom propelled us to work quickly as a team. By the end, the intensity was palpable and cheers erupted with every safe we opened. 

It was the most fun we’ve had and we will be back! Kraken, you will bow down to us! 

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So, are you ready to become a ninja and save the world from Kraken’s evil plans? Do you want to know who Jerome is and why I want to kill him? If so… Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!

Disclaimer: Hung traded his soul and this post for the opportunity to play this escape room free of charge (his friends still had to pay though… losers! amirite?); however, all opinions are expressly his own. He was a ninja for that night but has since given up the insidious job of ninja assassin to cultivate the beauty of ordinary life. Or did he… dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn…