Study abroad programs are becoming more and more popular these days. Students from all around the world have recognized the advantages of these programs as they offer them high-quality education, the experience of immersion in a foreign culture and an opportunity to expand future employment prospects. On top of that, studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to travel around the world. But traveling isn’t cheap and depending on how you go about it, it can easily drain your wallet. In order to help you get on the right track, we have prepared a few tips to help you travel within your budget as a student studying abroad.

Choose the Right Destination

In order to get the full experience of studying abroad, you have to choose the location which will offer you a high-quality education, but which will also provide you with a chance to travel. For example, one of the popular locations is Australia as it boasts natural wonders including the Great Barrier Reef. Additionally, it is great for students with an adventurous spirit. You can try out different water sports like surfing, diving or snorkeling. However, if you prefer the colder weather and don’t mind the rain, UK might be a great place for you. You can study in London if you like living in a big city. However, smaller towns are more affordable, and you will be able to save enough money to travel through the country.

Homerton College, University of Cambridge, England

Choose Inexpensive Accommodations

Once you have chosen the destination according to your liking, you have to choose the accommodation as well. In order to save money that will allow you to travel, you will have to find an affordable place to live. It is important that your accommodation is close to everything you’ll be involved with as it eliminate the time you’ll waste. For example, if you choose to study in Brisbane, Australia, our recommendation is the amazing Student Accommodation Brisbane. Thanks to its location, you will be within reach of major universities, public transport, diners, shops and other facilities.

Be Flexible

When planning a trip, it’s important to be very flexible with timing. This way, you can buy last-minute plane tickets and find cheaper hotels. The same applies for your destination. Be an adventurer instead of sticking to a fixed route. If an unexpected opportunity arises, you can spring for it without much thinking… spontaneous decisions are usually the best ones.

Brisbane, Australia

Consider Various Means of Transport

Since airfare has skyrocketed over the past years, you should take other options into consideration as well. For example, if you are studying in the USA, a great solution is to travel by bus, and companies like Megabus, Boltbus and Red Coach offer inexpensive but efficient services. Another great option when your budget is tight is traveling by train. It is widely popular in Europe, the USA and Asia, and it’s one of the safest ways to travel through vast areas. Train rides are also much more relaxing with ample leg room and sceneries beyond your dreams. Imagine a tride ride across the American wilderness or the Canadian routes!

Consider all your transportation options before settling on a decision. Sometimes the “local choice” can be the best choice. For example, rent a scooter in Vietnam for cheap and be travel like a local!

Use Student Discounts

As students, you have endless opportunities to get various discounts at hotels, restaurants, tours, an etc. So, carry your International Student Identity Card everywhere and don’t forget to ask for a discount. This card can be used as an official form of student identification all over the world. So remember to get one before you go abroad –  it will save you a lot of money. And, not only is it possible to get a discount, but you might also get an entrance to a museum or a gallery for free. Free is the best deal, isn’t it?

Apply for a Travel Scholarship

Lately, due to the importance of the international markets, more and more scholarships are available for students from all around the world. There are many sites like that offer scholarships to fund trips. Don’t hesitate to apply for a discounted or even free trip when your trip has educational merits and you have the grades to qualify. Some other organizations which offer scholarships include The Student Youth Travel Association and The Smithsonian Institution. You’ve worked hard to earn good grades – use them to your advantage!

As you can see, studying and traveling abroad can make a perfect combination, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. You just have to be well-informed in order to find the most affordable way to have this one-of-a-kind experience.

Do you have additional tips or links to great resources for aspiring student travelers? If so, send us a note and we’ll be glad to add them to this list.

Travel on, my friends!



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