Here are a few words to introduce the topic: “a few words.” Okay, now that we’ve taken care of the introduction…

I could buy a new house with the grand entrance, a fancy pool, and a flashy marbled kitchen… but I’d rather spend that money on the road than to spend the dough to fix the marbled floors as it is highly likely I’d chip it with my head.

I could upgrade my furniture from hand-me-downs I bought from my roommate… but my cat would destroy it anyway and I need to save that money for tickets to a place I’ve never been.

I could settle down, pop out a few kids via my wife, and stop messing around… but kids are expensive, I’m super immature, and I love jumping into natural pools (too much) in national parks I haven’t visited yet.

I could buy a new luxury car so my wife and I don’t have to share the one Subaru we currently own… but fancy cars are too nice. I’d probably end up driving too fast without realizing it because it’s so quiet and wind up in jail. I’d rather spend that money on Uber rides to attractions we’ve never seen.

I could refresh my wardrobe with the high-end stuff to match my shiny watch and eye-blinding belt… but mustard stains would accentuate the new shirt in no time and I’d rather use that money to visit silk factories in China to learn if I could eat silkworms for breakfast.

bridge over the train tracks to get to the beach

bridge over the train tracks to get to the beach

I could aspire to be a manager with a respectable title and overwhelming power that would buckle your knees as you gaze upon my greatness… but I’d soon become obsessed with power, hatch a plan to take over the world, and fail because I’d be too lazy to execute the plan. Then depression would take hold and I would probably end up in an asylum dressed as Pikachu. Pikachu, I choose you! So, I’d rather be on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean debating whether I should run around naked with a coconut in my hand. Mmmmm…. I’m coco for coconut water.

I could eat out all day, errday at the nicest restaurants with the French names… but damn it, if I’m going to get fat, I’d rather do it sitting around strangers in stranger lands, sipping on the local brew and stuffing my face with the local crew.

I could get the newest phones as they come out and the newest techs as they are imagined… but I don’t see why I should bother if I use the same 5 apps on every phone. Nude pics arouse the same emotions on any screen. Plus, I could use that money to fly to Mongolia, spend a few days visiting villages with no cell phones, and take nude pics of livestock roaming the rolling hills.

pool reflection of a beautiful sunset at picnic point park, wa

pool reflection of a beautiful sunset at picnic point park, wa

I could get plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian, produce and “leak” a sex tape with a semi-famous rapper, become famous for no reason, and make tons of money… but I’m already too sexy for my own good. Can you imagine what would happen if I had her ass, too? Also, having a giant butt would require bigger seats on long flights. That means I’d have to buy first class tickets. Do you know how expensive those are? Get outta my face with that! Instead, I’ll spend the plastic surgery money on trips to natural wonderlands around the world.

I could upgrade my things to keep up with the social beings repping blings… but things become outdated and lose value the moment I buy them. And to keep up, I’d have to keep buying new things while the old things sit on shelves gathering dust. It’s an endless cycle I’d rather stay away from. I’d rather spend that money making new memories – they never go out of style and will always stay with me until I’m senile. Oh how I look forward to being that old senile guy, posing naked on the beach with super wrinkly skin. “Oh, he’s just a senile old man,” they’d say. Who’s in?

Hey! We’re at the end of the post. If you like the pictures, they were taken at Picnic Point Park in Mukilteo, Washington. It’s a true local hangout. There isn’t much else to do here but to sit, relax, watch the sky move, and listen to the sound of the soft waves washing ashore. So if you’re ever in the area, remember to bring a chair, a drink, and your relaxation hat.

view of bridge above train tracks and amazing sunset just beyond

view of bridge above train tracks and amazing sunset just beyond

Pictures were all taken with the Sony Alpha a6000 and the Sony 10-18mm SEL1018 wide angle lens (my new favorite lens to capture dramatic landscapes). I know I spent this whole article rationalizing why I choose to spend my money on travel instead of things, but that doesn’t mean YOU should do the same. In fact, you should definitely spend the money buying the camera and lens linked here – so that I could make money and live the life I wanna live! GIMME YOUR MONEY!!!

I talked a lot about how I’d rather travel, but did you know that traveling is actually good for your health? It’s one of the many reasons I can’t see myself anywhere else but on the road. Here are 8 reasons why traveling is good for your health. Check it out 🙂

I’m kidding. Or am I?

Travel on, my friends.


you should travel more because...

you should travel more because…