If you are thinking about where to go during your next holiday, search no more. France is brimming with picturesque sights which are bound to leave you breathless. I was lucky to visit Canal du Midi where my relatives live, and you will hardly find a better region in this beautiful area. This area stretches from Toulouse to the Mediterranean port of Sète. The moment you reach it, the scenery will fill you with everlasting joy and excitement.

The idyllic region of Canal du Midi boasts some of the most unique and breathtaking landscapes in the world. The canal has clear green waters with many contours which are bordered by numerous trees. Near the canal there are a lot of vineyards, and you can check out a few of them such as the Aude, the Herault and Corbieres. The canal meanders through little villages and fields full of sunflowers. There are many aqueducts and bridges to see. I immediately understood why this place was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 – simply stunning and worthy of preserving for generations to come. If you are visiting it for the first time, you will definitely be amazed by its magnificence. Even some of the old hands can find something new to admire. Every time I go there, there seems to be something new that leaves me absolutely enchanted.


how incredible is this?!

Go on a cruise

If you want to discover this beautiful area, there is no better way to do it than via a cruise. The first time I was there, my relatives told me to look for Anjodi, the ship. The service was impeccable and I kept coming back to these cruises whenever I visited my relatives. It is the quintessential way to explore the area. You will be cruising on a very comfortable and beautifully decorated barge with state-of-the-art interior reflecting the sunny climate and landscape you can see while cruising. On your way, you will see the marvellous Penzenas, Minerve, Narbonne and Carcassonne.



Penzenas is bound to leave you speechless,as it is the picture-perfect French village you have always dreamed of. Once you reach the fortified medieval village called Minerve you will see what the French countryside is all about. There are deep limestone gorges where you can unwind and have the most relaxing time of your life. Narbonne is a Roman Mediterranean capital famous for Visigoth monks who once lived there. You can see the Archbishop’s Palace, Via Domitia and Narbonne Cathedral. 



While there, take some time to discover the unsurpassed Carcassonne which dates back to the Gallo-Roman era. It is home to the world’s largest medieval fortress and a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are 52 watchtowers. Stroll through slowly and take time to learn about the whole fortress, culture and history.  If you are travelling with children, you will be pleased to hear that they will enjoy walking the ramparts. Once you are there, you need to check out the magnificent and film-famous hilltop which appeared movies such as Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. If you get tired from all the strolling along the fortress, the numerous cosy little cafes nearby will refresh and revitalize you.


I want a castle!!!

When should you visit the Canal du Midi?

Although it is one of the best sceneries in the world, there are certain parts of the year when you should think twice before committing to visit the Canal du Midi. Nowadays tourists from all over the world are absolutely mad about this area and they come back in droves to gaze at its beauty. I am no different from them. However, I am aware of the fact that summer is the most ideal season for visiting. Not only will the weather be gorgeous, but everything will be vibrantly-coloured and serene. If you like the autumn golden hues and do not mind the heavy rainfall, you can book a holiday there immediately for September. Nevertheless, I would still suggest avoiding visiting the area in the winter because you would not be able to enjoy the picturesque sights of the cosy little villages and amazing forts. Well, unless you enjoy the winter scenery (which can be most amazing) and don’t mind the cold.


the best bike ride you’ll ever have

Wait no longer! Spend your forthcoming holiday in France and discover the French area you have always dreamed of visiting. Go on a cruise and see medieval fortresses, sunflower fields, cosy villages, a lot of aqueducts, bridges and gorgeous scenery will unravel in front of your very eyes. There is no better place to go on a holiday this summer, so book a holiday as soon as you can and be ready to get totally enchanted by the romantic area.