As a child, I used to look up in wonder at planes passing by. They didn’t come across the Vietnam skies very often.Β One day, I thought,Β one day I will take to the skies and fly all over the world. Riddled by poverty, I never really gave that thought a chance. I remember huddling with my family in our makeshift home, stitched together by metal sheets. We could see stars from all the holes in the ceiling. But even so, we were the lucky ones.

Now, I still look up at the skies but not as a wondering eye. Now, I make airplanes. I fly on them whenever I want, and I’m living the dream I had as a boy. But looking down from my dream come true, I wonder who might be looking up at me, wishing they could fly too.

I started Project Alpha to give those eyes of wonder a chance to take to the skies. Project Alpha is a collaboration between travel writers from all over the world to tell their stories on the theme “the trip that changed my life.” These stories will be compiled in a book that will be crowdfunded – all proceeds from the campaign will be donated to charities that sponsor children all over the world.

Will you join me?

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