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The whining of hot breeze and the neighing of horses greets you as you go down town south of Virginia. Virginia comprises of many small towns including Manassas. Known for having a strong historic civil war experience, Manassas is at the meeting point of two railroads that links up northern Virginia, Washington DC and Richmond.

train arriving just on time - by John Mueller

train arriving just on time – by John Mueller

You really can go to almost anywhere around the states from Manassas. Travellers coming down to Manassas should expect an enjoyable train ride. The hot breeze bursting in through the windows would give you delight whilst you look onto dusty roads afar. A woman tourist I once sat beside on a train ride to Richmond told me she enjoyed the hot air and explained how she enjoyed watching the train speed past the dust. As an ex-war zone, Manassas is the stronghold for museum attraction as it is richly endowed with war equipments and fascinating socio cultural equipments and artefacts. The museum is a must visit for any tourist in this part of the states. Manassas features a wonderful museum system and a couple of household shops and restaurants.

battlefield re-enactment - by Reed George

battlefield re-enactment – by Reed George

A lunch at Okra’s Louisiana Bistro for Creole and Cajun with patio setting would leave a lasting taste of want down your throat. You really won’t regret spending a few $$ on this spot as this spicy delicacy seems to be specially made for your hungry belly. An all year planting season encourages food production in Manassas. Hence you always find your potato crisps and fries available at almost any food source. A foot walk to Opera House Gourmet for a bottle of wine would be awesome for travellers needing a taste of local brew. I rarely miss this on weekends.

parade - by Carl Dunn

parade – by Carl Dunn

The town is a beehive for artists as the ancient city has a kind of inspiration it exerts on artists. A few steps on the tarmac would lead you to creative brush studios where you would get an instant painting right from the artist. It is the reason an art gallery can be found around the corner. Art collectors are frequent tourists in Manassas.

snowy field - by Heather

snowy field – by Heather

Manassas is a place for someone with an urge for a feel of an ancient town with modern facilities and a touch of art. For more great local trips, read 12 reasons why you need to visit Coronado, the Crown City, in 2016.

Travel on my friends.