Dear travelers, wanderers, and dreamers everywhere, we all know the world is a wonderful collection of life-changing experiences, awe-inspiring sights, sounds, and is full of life. We travel for many reasons. For some of us, we travel to live, to learn, to find out who we are. Along the way, we would have seen things we cannot even fathom: Northern Lights dancing across the sky, raging waterfalls, grand valleys and majestic mountains. These are but a small sampling of all that our incredible world has to offer, and we must strive to preserve this beauty for generations to come.

Like many of you, I didn’t think my contribution would make any significant dent in lowering carbon emission or waste reduction, but what if everyone in the world contributed? What if each one of us did our part to curb climate change? We don’t have to wait for political actions. We can act now. And together, we can make a difference!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite apps that speaks to this passion and vision. They are easy to use and put the power in your hands. Please join me in this endeavor to preserve the world for all travelers – today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

1. Daily Good

All rights reserved by Daily Good.

All rights reserved by Daily Good

Daily Good is available on the iPhone platform with a simple mission – show everyone that making a positive environmental impact can be easy and fun. The interface is extremely simple and easy to navigate. Every morning, Daily Good sends users a simple challenge for that day. The user can accept to do the challenge and earn points/badges or wait for another challenge the next day. Everybody can do these challenges! Examples of a challenge include taking a 5 minutes shower instead of the average 8 minutes or reusing a coffee cup multiple times or for other purposes. Each challenge you take is recorded, and you can see how you’re doing against your friends. It becomes a contest to see who in your circle of friends can unlock all the badges! You can even suggest a challenge and receive special badges for doing so.

Give Daily Good a try and see how easy it is to make a positive environmental impact.

2. Oreoco

All rights reserved by Oreoco

All rights reserved by Oreoco

Oreoco is a features-rich little app that turns a serious topic like climate change and sustainability into an informative and fun game. Oreoco tracks your daily life and calculates your carbon footprint based on your transportation choices, purchases, and various other factors. The app then tells you how you’ve personally contributed and how you can reduce your environmental impacts. Seeing how my daily choices stacked up was an eye-opener for me.

By following the app’s metrics, you will soon realize how you can reduce your carbon footprint – and compete against your friends while doing it! The app is very intuitive and simple to use. Why not give Oreoco a shot and see how your personal choices are affecting the environment.

3. #climate

All rights reserved by #climate

All rights reserved by #climate

Want to join in on a green movement? Want to shout it to the wold and make everyone aware of your passionate cause? #climate is a social sharing platform that compiles all the movements around the world so you can get involved and further the cause. If you’ve ever wondered what’s currently going on in the world and how you can help, this is the perfect app for you. Even if you don’t join in on all the causes, you’ll learn so much about the many movements around the world. The power of the app is in spreading the message via your social networks.

Give #climate and chance and discover the many amazing things people are doing around the world to preserve our wonderful planet.

4. Skeptical Science

All rights reserved by Skeptical Science

All rights reserved by Skeptical Science

Do you want to have a climate change expert in your back pocket to help you explain the complex issues and science behind global warming and other environmental topics? Skeptical Science is that expert. This app takes common claims for or against climate change and provide scientific details and explanation to help you discern what’s scientifically true and what isn’t. You don’t have to encounter a naysayer to use this app as it is full of interesting and information data.

Give Skeptical Science a try and learn as much as you can.

Travel on my friends!

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